Games for Visually impaired

Games for Visually impaired


 Games, generally, are visual. Without having the ability to see the pieces on the board, the players don’t get the full experience. For all those who are visually impaired or blind, this could be quite frustrating. Some of the most well-known games in the world are tough to enjoy to the fullest extent when blind. Have any games been adapted for the blind or visually impaired? YES. Here is our listing of the 7 best-adapted games for the blind or visually impaired.

Popular games for Visually impaired

Monopoly: It is a classic game that is multi-generational. Each the spaces and properties are in large form and accompanied by braille. Each the cards are in print. The dice and money notes as well, are in braille.

Bananagrams: Who doesn’t like a good adrenaline-filled game of Bananagrams? With this version, the blind and visually impaired can play as well. All the 144 tiles also have markings, giving everybody a possibility to play. In case you’ve the original game, the OrCam MyEye 2.0 might help you play it, without the demand for the braille version.

Checkers: Each space and bit is marked that the blind and visually impaired can enjoy this game just just as far as sighted individuals. Bonus points for knowledge of braille not being necessary to play.

Scrabble: A classic in its own right (yet not as fast-paced as Bananagrams), one can play this version of Scrabble entirely by touch. There’s an overlay grid which prevents shifting pieces, as well as markings on said pieces. For the one in a million individuals who don’t know how to play Scrabble, there are instructions on cassette tape (in case you just happen to have one of those old things lying around).

Playing Cards: Everybody ought to be capable to play with playing cards. With the group of games possible to play with them, they’re basically the pocket-knife of table-top games. Spit, poker War; the list Continues on and on. These playing cards have been adapted with braille on the corners (very subtly ), which makes it simple for those who’re blind and visually impaired to pick up and play.

Chess: Τhis classic game created in the sixth century has been adapted for those who’re visually impaired or blind. There are bumps on the white pieces to differentiate them from the black ones and the black spaces on the board are somewhat elevated. The spaces are also made in a manner that the pieces won’t slide off the plank.

Uno: Among the “& newer ” games on this list this version of UNO has braille markings on all the cards, that allow for individuals who’re visually impaired to be familiar with the numbers and shapes. Despite being a latest game, this one is a classic, and which makes it accessible for individuals who’re blind and visually impaired is commendable.